Current research topics:

  • 1) pharmaceutical crystallization and polymorph selection
  • 2) importance learning tools for single atom catalysts on amorphous supports
  • 3) multiscale models of catalysis and kinetics for polymer upcycling
  • 4) antifreeze proteins and ice-growth inhibition mechanisms

Peters Group fishing trip, summer 2022

Top: Patrick Carmichael, Ravi Addula, Baron Peters,Ziqiu Chen, Kevin Adams,
Hossam Farag, Andrew Kim, Armin Shayesteh Zadeh, Jiankai Ge.
Bottom: Ryan Yappert. (Howard Weatherspoon not in picture)

Peters Group dinner, spring 2022

Left to right: Hossam Farag, Ravi Addula, Armin Shayesteh Zadeh, Ziqiu Chen,
Ryan Yappert, Kevin Adams, Jiankai Ge, Baron Peters (Howard Weatherspoon not in picture)

Peters Group fishing trip, summer 2021

Top: Salman Khan, Ravi Addula, Craig Vandervelden, Baron Peters,
Ryan Yappert, Ziqiu Chen, Armin Shayesteh Zadeh, Howard Weatherspoon.
Bottom: Hossam Farag.

Peters group fishing derby, fall 2020*